Math Starter – Level 2 – 10 weeks

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From practical geometry to data handling, this course covers a wide range of concepts that can help students in their higher studies.
To realise their dream of becoming an engineer, a scientist, an actuarial, an accountant, an investment banker or an aeronaut practising the basics of mathematical concepts and problems while in middle school may prove to be extremely useful to fuel your passion at the right time and age.
Students must start preparing for their examinations right from the beginning of their academic session and should not waste time as Mathematics requires relatively more practice and revisions than other subjects.

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In this Course, we cover the following topics:

  • Integers,
  • Fractions and Decimals,
  • Data Handling,
  • Geometry,
  • Simple Equations,
  • Rational Numbers,
  • Exponents,
  • Solids

Additional information

Course Faculty

Ashwani Duggal


10 weeks – 60 hours