English Starter Level 1 – 10 weeks

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This 10 week program will teach:
English Grammar: Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Tenses, Voice, Adjective, Adverb, Sentence and phrases, Subject-verb agreement, Reported speech, Framing questions, Prepositions, Conjunctions
Writing Section: Formal letter, Informal letter, Diary entry, Notice Writing, Massage Writing, Debate, Speech, Article, Report, Story completion

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The purpose of this course is:

  • To make English grammar strong.
  • Promote reading habits through story reading, story retelling, choral reading and shared reading etc. 
  • Educating students through various themes found in  English literature.
  • Preparing students to become intelligent learners and to develop their language skills in social and academic contexts.
  • To use communicative language teaching skills in the classroom for students to develop communication and interactive skills while learning  English.
  •  To teach students how to use grammar and punctuation correctly while writing answers. 
  • English literature can help students to unlock their inner potential and generate self-awareness.
  • Stories and poems impart essential moral values and cultural awareness among students.
  • Students will be able to broaden their perspectives and inspire to become independent learners through various chapters based on different themes to rekindle their spark for learning and curiosity.
  • The stories and lessons in the syllabus will help learners develop stronger cognitive, emotional, and good communication skills.

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10 weeks – 50 hours